About Early Church Fathers

In this site you will meet the Apostles, their disciples, and the Early Church Fathers who formulated and defended the Creed which contained the essentials beliefs pertaining to the solid Truth revealed to man by God.  These men faithfully transmitted the message they received from the Apostles who had been taught it by the Master Himself, Jesus Christ.

The band of men that you will meet in this journey are mere men, but men doing their best for God in their times, out of love for God, with the talents He gave them. These men were the guardians of the Faith, combating those within the Faith who created their own versions of truth.

They preserved the Truth of Him who is the Truth.  Many of them died to preserve this heritage for us.  In a sense, the martyrs are both the crown of the Church and another testimony to Her divine origin, holiness and our Lord’s promise that the gates of hell would not prevail against Her.

So get to know your relatives, your ancestors in the Faith, so that you can know your heritage and relish your inheritance.

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