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Fr. Rutler: Christ in the City (audio)

In 07 Observation on 2015/05/10 at 12:00 AM

Christ in the City
Host – Fr. George Rutler
Fr. George Rutler talks about finding Christ the Redeemer in the midst of the cares of life as represented by the city, in the heart of the Church he founded. Filmed at The Church of Our Saviour in New York.

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Program Name Audio File Name – Click to download
1. God’s House
Host – Fr. George Rutler cc01.mp3
Fr. Rutler declares the rightness in church architecture reflecting God’s glory: “on earth as it is in heaven”
2. Healing the Paralytic
Host – Fr. George Rutler cc02.mp3
Fr. Rutler declares that, though Christ gives signs of his mercy in the gift of healing, the chief work of the Redeemer is the forgiveness of sins.
3. Wisemen
Host – Fr. George Rutler cc03.mp3
In terms of spiritual light and darkness, Fr. Rutler describes the search for God through religion, and in particular, the Wisemen’s search for Christ.
4. The Voice of Christ
Host – Fr. George Rutler cc04.mp3
Fr. Rutler describes how the revelation of Christ turns the world on its head, causing humanity to either accept or reject him as the definitive way of Redemption.
5. The Parable of the Wedding
Host – Fr. George Rutler cc05.mp3
Fr. Rutler describes Christ’s call to discipleship as an invitation to an eternal wedding banquet.
6. Abide With Me
Host – Fr. George Rutler cc06.mp3
Fr. Rutler relates that human fulfillment depends on our turning to Christ and abiding with Him, fully living the Christian life.
7. Presentation in the Temple
Host – Fr. George Rutler cc07.mp3
Fr. Rutler describes how the encounter of Simeon and Anna with Christ in the Temple revealed more of Jesus’ nature as the Messiah.
8. The Better Angels of Our Nature
Host – Fr. George Rutler cc08.mp3
Fr. Rutler relates that we can either choose to follow the better or the bad angels of our nature, therefore affecting the person we become.
9. Padre Pio
Host – Fr. George Rutler cc09.mp3
Fr. Rutler shares how Padre Pio is a shining example of what we can become if we respond to the graces God gives us daily.
10. Thomas More
Host – Fr. George Rutler cc10.mp3
Fr. Rutler relates how Thomas More is a reminder to the universal call to holiness amidst family and political life to remain true to God by following the dictates of conscience.


Construct a Eucharist Mosaic

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If you look closely at the Rose Window in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, you will observe that is it a composite of colored fragments of glass inset in such a manner that their colors blend into each other while remaining separate.

Take these quoted excerpts, from Pope Benedict’s book on the Eucharist entitled GOD IS NEAR US: The Eucharist, the Heart of Life,  and create a mosaic for yourself.

…the heart of all our creeds in our YES to Jesus Christ….p.12

…the Incarnation required acceptance….the Virgin was needed….p.13

“A body have you prepared for me.” Ps. 40 & Heb 10:5 ….the entire Gospel is contained within  this single statement….as the Fathers said: the Word has contracted to become small; to become a child…p.21

The Word, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection…the three belong together. p.44

The Eucharist is much more than a meal; it cost a death to provide it. p.44

The Eucharist is a sacrifice, the presentation of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on Cross p.44

God Himself gives to us, that we may give in turn. p.45

Christ identifies Himself with us to such an extent that our sins belong to Him and His being to us. p.50

The disciples had no need to look back on the Resurrection as something in the past: the Risen One is alive; that is why the day of Resurrection was…the day of His presence, the day He gathered them together, when they were gathered around Him. p.61

In place of the Temple, there is the Eucharist, since Christ is the true Pascal Lamb; everything that every took place in the Temple has been fulfilled in Him. p.63

Paul compares what happens in Holy Communion with the physical union between man & woman….adding, “He who is united to the Lord becomes one spirit (that is, shares a single new existence in the Holy Spirit) with him.  (1 Cor 6:17) p.77

Ratzinger quotes Augustine “…eat my flesh….you will not transform me and make me part of you; rather, I will transform you and make you part of me.” Confessions Bk 7,chpt.10:16   p.78

Communion is always a personal act…I enter into the Lord, who is communicating Himself to me.  Sacramental Communion must therefore always be also spiritual Communion. p.81

We are coming into contact with the living God…Augustine says: No one can receive Communion without first adoring. p.83

Communion and contemplation belong together; a person cannot communicate with another person without knowing him. p.97

God has put Himself in our Hands and into our hearts.  God is near. God knows us. God is waiting for us in Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. p.102

The more we stand for the Lord and before the Lord, the more we stand with one another, and our capacity to understand one another grows. p.110

The Eucharist is instrumental in the process by which Christ builds Himself a Body and makes us into one single Bread, on single Body. p.114

The Church is a Eucharistic fellowship…one people….one table…p.115

Christ is both the giver and the gift…. p.119

Ratzinger, Joseph GOD IS NEAR US.  Ignatius Press.