A different approach

In 07 Observation on 2016/08/19 at 12:00 AM

A while back I sent an e-mail to various friends with the idea described below. The response was so positive, it seemed worthwhile to share it with more persons:

If you find it difficult to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary as you pray the Rosary, here is my current solution. To the advice of St. Jose María Escriva: “Think about the mystery for a couple of minutes before you begin each decade” I add my rather unorthodox approach which I find very helpful and instructive at the same time.

I pretend I am someone else. Each time I am a different he or she and look at the mystery with their “eyes and ears; minds and heart”. I began by observing the Blessed Mother and Virgin, Mary, and it was the impact of her perspective that gave me the whole idea.

Adam, Eve, Archangel Michael, Abel

Job, Noah, Abraham,Sara, Melchizedek

Isaac, Rebecca
Jacob, Rachel, Joseph, Judah, Levi
Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Rahab,
Ruth, Ester, Ezra, Nehemiah

Samuel, David, Bathsheba, Solomon
Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel
Hosea, Jonah, Micah, Malachi

Ann, Joachim
Elizabeth, Zachariah,
Virgin Mary, Archangel Gabriel, Joseph

Shepherds, Magi, Simeon, Anna

John the Baptist, Peter, Andrew, John, Matthew, James, Thomas Disciples on way to Emmaus

Paul, Barnabas, Luke, Timothy

Mary Magdalene, Mary & Martha, Claudia, Veronica,
Simon of Cyrene, Good Thief, Longinus



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