Forgotten, Not Gone

In 12 Musings by Jack Reagan on 2015/11/29 at 12:00 AM

Modern man has avidly accepted the false philosophy that there is no objective truth (something is really true regardless of our belief about it) in the non-physical fields. But it this non-physical world that distinguishes us from the animals; they live in a physical world and are guided by instinct. The mental world is the area of religion, politics, fine arts, music, law etc. and, of course thinking. With modern man there are no true or false ideas, no good or bad morals, no right or wrong pursuits. Everything is true or false according to his own perception, and no one can legitimately say he is wrong.

One of the negative consequences of this philosophy is the denial of personal sin. When is he last time you heard a sermon on sin? I can’t remember. After all, we are not really responsible for our “bad” actions because we are “victims” of environment, economics, race, neighborhoods etc.

Too many people may reject or “pooh-pooh” the idea of series sin, it nevertheless alive and well, encompassing the entire world. The world is in the mess it is in because of sin. Situations get worse because of the refusal to acknowledge that faulty morality may play a significant role in the world’s seemingly insoluble problems. But to even acknowledge sin is to face the task of repentance. Much serious sin has much appeal, so changing to a better moral code does not happen. A problem not admitted or rationalized is a problem that will remain unsolved. Look around you!

There are consequences to this denial of sin because sin real and its consequences are real…they exists. Look around you! Sin is really an irrational act. Habitual sin clouds the mind and prevents sensible thoughts about the situation one is in.

Serious sin always demands more. When one sin is not enough to satisfy, eventually 100 will not be enough and sinner is trapped. He becomes a slave to sin because it has become part of his mental operations. He loses sight of any of the worthwhile aspects of life because he is driven by the compulsion to sin.

Eventually he may become so hard-hearted that he becomes like a frenzied demon in his pursuit of evil. This could have happened to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, a serial killer etc. A habitual sinner is follower of Satan. (“I don’t believe in that nonsense.” Well, that’s obvious, but Satan believes in you because he is readying you for his kingdom later on.)

Habitual sin separates us from God who is the ultimate goal of human life. One who dies in the sate of habitual serious sin cannot except to share eternity with anyone but those like him. There are no former habitual sinners in Heaven. Sin is a violation of divine law and lawbreakers are not in favor with God. But, the sinner says, “God is so good that He would ever consign a sinner to eternal Hell. “God does not consign anyone to Hell…or Heaven; we do it ourselves. Once we die, the time for repentance is over. Even the inexhaustible divine mercy is unavailable because in eternity, there can be no change. Besides, when the sinner dies, he will instantly grasp what a fool he has been, but too late.

Modern man has been seduced by the idea of instant gratification; he does not want to wait for anything. “I want it now.” becomes the watchword. This is the way of the young child; it is sign of immaturity in adults or teens. Habitual sin is instant gratification run amok. Such a person cannot be serious about the serious issues of life because few of them are instantly gratified.

In the story of Adam and Eve, the focus is usually on the actual sin. If we look at the story more closely, we can see that there was a prior mistake. They fell for the idea that sin would make them equal to God. Every habitual sinner has fooled himself into thinking that he has the right to conduct himself according to his own wishes and desires. It never works because God is God and we are not.

The concept of sin may have been forgotten but it is by no means gone. It may be forgotten in the sinners mind, but it is still as real as it ever was. What you believe about it, one way or the other, does not affect it at all. If you think this is all nonsense, look around you and tell me how well things are going.


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