Some Valuable Faith Resources

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Some Valuable Faith Resources

“He made Himself food, He became Bread”

Transmission of Faith Handed Down by Apostles

Evangelistic Prophets

Scriptural Exegisis

“Will you also go away?”

He made Himself Food, He Became Bread

Timeless Persecutions

Our Task Today

Family Ties

Anchored in Christ


Jesus, Our Contemporary

Psalm 136, ” a great hymn of praise…..”

“You too go into my vineyard”

Transformation in Christ


Three persepectives

Sir, we would see Jesus”

Who Is Right?

Newman: Memorandum, Part III

Newman: Memorandum, Part II

Newman: Memorarndum, Part I

 Newman: Memorandum On the Immaculate Conception (Introduction)

Newman, the Anglican re Mary, Mother of Christ

Newman: On the Immaculate Conception 

Newman: Jesus, Son of Mary

Mount of Olive Psalms

Christ Lives In Us

Transformation in Christ


What Came First, Gospel or Church?

Do You Know Jesus?

What Has the Catholic Church Ever Done For Me?

New Passover

Same Ketchup Bottle; New Label

“Sweet nails, sweet tree, where life begins”

Psalm 35 in the Light of the Sacrifice of Christ

Came and Went Before; Now Appears and Vanishes

First Easter

Peter or Judas

Reading the Gospels

Ascension: Go and Come?

Who Was?

Christian and Historian

Eucharistic Church

Knowledge Enhanced

Compatibility of Skepticism and Faith

The Risen One, the New Temple


Divine Love Affair

Spiritual Reading Advice



Real Hope

Evangelistic Prophets

Importance of a Preposition

Incisive reading methodology

Francis Thompson Hound of Heaven 

Daughter of Zion

Summary of Beliefs: Catechism of the Catholic Church

Books by Christopher Dawson 

Development of Doctrine

Past, Present, Future

Revelation: Consoling Early Christians

Willing Martyrs


Historicity of Resurrection

New Worship

God is Near You

Synagogue Elements in the Mass

Parables Unravelled?

Guardini’s The Lord

Resurrection of Jesus

Correct Viewpoint

Real Hope

Importance of a Preposition

Thucydides for Today

New Gnostcism to Replace Reality


Haunting Question

Teachings of Church Fathers

9 Faith Journeys

Letter on Finding the Faith by Karen Kerley

Are Catholics Christians?

Becoming a Catholic: Winning New Converts

Fr. Conrad L. Kimbrough – Part I Methodist

Fr. Conrad L. Kimbrough – Part II Episcopalian

Fr. Conrad L. Kimbrough – Part III Catholic

Conversion – What Is the Key?

Fr. John McCloskey – Fisher of Men

Mass in Hebrew

A Question You Need to Answer

Tony Snow and Fr. John McCloskey

Convert From Judaism

Jews and Catholics: Dialogue, Reconciliation, and Cooperation

Edith Stein


Famous People Write About the Pope

Conversion by Fr. Timothy Reid

Reflections from recent converts: My first year as a Catholic

Conversion Insights – Part I by Kathleen Prevost

Conversion Insights – Part II by Kathleen Prevost

Conversion Insights – Part III by Kathleen Prevost

Complete Sharing – John Mann’s Faith Journey

Pat LaRose’s Faith Journey

The Miraculous Journey Home of Gail Buckley 

The Road Is Not Always Smooth – Mary Paul Forsyth’s Faith Journey

The Importance of the Eucharist – Andrea Montgomery’s Faith Journey

The Power of Example: Lynn Efird’s Faith Journey

The Faith Journey of Paul Mitchell


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