Church Councils

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52 Council of Jerusalem

70 Destruction of Jerusalem         


325   NICEA Divinity of Christ

381   CONSTANTINOPLE – Divinity of Holy Spirit

431   EPHESUS – Theotokos (Bearer of God)

46I    CHALCEDON – Two natures in Christ

476   Fall of Rome

553   CONSTANTINOPLE I – Corrected errors.

680   CONSTANTINOPLE II – Two wills in Christ

787   NICEA II – Veneration of Images

869   CONSTANTINOPLE – Against various heresies

1054 Eastern Schism

After the separation of Eastern churches from Rome, the East never held another council.  However, in the West, councils continued. Having settled the important theological questions in the past, they met to deal with displinary malpractices in the Church.

1123, 1139, 1179, 1215 – Four Lateran Councils

1245 and 1274 – Two Lyons Councils

1311 – Vienne

1414 – Constance (Ended Western Schism)

1453 Fall of Constantinople

1512 – Fifth Lateran Council

1545 – Trent (Addressed Luther and made Church reforms)

1869 – Vatican I

1963 – Vatican II


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