Willing Martyrs

In 08 Book Corner on 2012/05/15 at 11:11 AM

“The Christian faith stands or falls with the truth of the testimony that Christ is risen from the dead.

Only if Jesus is risen has anything really new occurred that changes the world and the situation of mankind.  Then he becomes the criterion on which we can rely.  For then God has truly revealed himself.

The New Testament testimonies leave us in no doubt that what happened in the ‘Resurrection of the Son of man was utterly different.  Jesus’ Resurrection was about breaking out into an entirely new form of life, a life that is not longer subject to the laws of dying and becoming, but lies beyond it-a life that opens up a new dimension of human existence…a future, a new kind of future, for mankind.

Paul was absolutely right to link the resurrection of Christians and the Resurrection of Jesus inseparably together.  (2 Cor. 15: 16)….Christ’s Resurrection is either a universal event, or it is nothing, Paul tells us.  And only if we understand it a s a universal event, as the opening up of a new dimension of human existence, are we on the way towards any kind of correct understanding of the New Testament Resurrection testimony.

The new reading of Scripture could being only after the Resurrection, because it was through the Resurrection that Jesus was accredited as the one sent by God.  Now people had to search for both Cross and Resurrection, so as to understand them in a new way and thereby come to believe in Jesus as the Son of God.”

Ratzinger, Joseph JESUS OF NAZARETH.  Part II, pp 241-245.  Ignatius Press.



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