“Sir, we would see Jesus”

In 07 Observation on 2012/04/29 at 9:11 AM

In John 1:18 the evangelist records a three word powerful sentence:  “He explains Him.” (The Son explains the Father).  John reveals the person of Jesus intimately, perceiving His inner most thoughts and emotions.

If one wants to understand the true meaning of life, if one seeks eternal life, if one longs to know God, one will find all those desires fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ as revealed in all the Gospels.

Each Gospel writer had a goal and specific audience in mind, which  guided him to select certain miracles or signs to point to the different aspects of eternal truth. All four portrait painters of Jesus had one goal, expressed by John: “These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.”  John 20:31

Jesus is divine; He is also human.  He is now in heaven in His human resurrected body which although invisible to us, is nonetheless is as real as you are.  Peter knew what was what when he said to our Lord: “Lord, to whom shall we go?  You have the words of eternal life.  We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.”  John 6: 66-69. When Thomas, the strict monotheistic Jew, perceived the full glory of our Lord’s person, he exclaimed in faith: “My Lord and my God.”  John 20:28.

Christ is a living (though invisible) person, who has come to make knowledge become light and life in you. Trust Him.  Expect Him to show you by this study how He can help you now.  Expect Him to enable you to see whatever changes you can make in your life for your own good. When you do your work, seek to find the heart of Jesus, the meaning  of His words and miracles.  Try to define what Jesus Christ is to you personally. Look into your own heart. 

The Greeks said to Philip: “We would see Jesus.”  Philip later asked Jesus: “Show us the Father.”  Jesus explains to Philip: “He who sees me, sees the Father. John 1: 18

As a very small boy Thomas Aquinas would ask his teachers: “Please Sir, Please tell me who is God? “He eventually concluded: Prayer is where the answer if revealed.  Augustine had earlier prayed “Lord, bring me to Yourself.”

Bonaventure, a contemporary of Aquinas wrote that just as Jesus’ most holy humanity could be seen and contemplated with the physical eye; His divinity can be discovered only with the Eye of Faith; the eye of the soul.

Pope Benedict would write: Committing ourselves to the way of Jesus Christ…brings about something like a Copernican revolution in our own lives…….. In that we are living as before Copernicus…..for we carry within us that illusion….which makes our own self to be the center of things around which the world and everyone else have to turn…seeing other things and people solely in relation to our ons selves….as satellites revolving around the hub of our own self. Becoming a Christian is quite simple and revolutionary. We achieve a Copernican revolution by no longer seeing ourselves as the center of the universe…..We see that we are one of many of God’s creatures, all of whom turn around God as their center.


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