Historicity of Resurrection

In 08 Book Corner on 2012/04/10 at 9:11 AM

“It is a historical event that nevertheless bursts open the dimensions of history and transcends it.

As something that breaks out of history and transcends it, the Resurrection nevertheless has its origins within history and up to a certain point still belongs there.  Perhaps we could put it this way: Jesus’ Resurrection points beyond history but has left a footprint within history.

…the apostolic preaching with all its boldness and passion would be unthinkable unless the witness had experience a real encounter, coming to them from outside, with something entirely new and unforseen, namely the self-revelation and verbal communication of the risen Christ. Only a real event of a radically new quality could possibly have given rise to the apostolic preaching….

Ratzinger, Joseph JESUS OF NAZARETH.  Part II, pp. 273, 275.  Ignatius Press.



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