Daughter of Zion

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Notes from the book: DAUGHTER OF ZION by Joseph Ratzinger, Ignatius Press.

The New Testament is rooted in the Old and wants simply to be a re-reading of the Old Testament in the light of what occurred with and through Jesus of Nazareth….The Magnificat contains simultaneously the center of the biblical theology of the people of God….This insight illuminates the distinctive structures of the Marian dogma…they cannot be deduced from individual texts of the New Testament; instead they express the broad perspective embracing the unity of both Testaments.  They can become visible only to a mode of perception that accepts this unity.

Marian dogmas:

The oldest is that Mary is Virgin and Mother. Council of Ephesus, 251 AD.

The Christological affirmation of God’s Incarnation in Christ becomes necessarily a Marian affirmation.

(Luke, John and Tradition = core not to be ignored…position and influence as the transmitting community)

St. Paul connects to the Matthean-Lucan tradition…..to become a Christian means to enter into the mystery of the new birth of Christ, by one’s rebirth to participate in His birth.

From the same root of theology of the people of God and its fulfillment in Mary’s maternity there slowly grows the certitude of Mary’s sinlessness as the expression of her special election: Immaculate Conception.

She is the true Israel in whom Old and New Covenant, Israel and Church, are indivisibly one…Spirit hovered over the abyss, He who as “creator Spirit”.

God discloses new creation from within the old creation….the radical incision which Christ’s coming signifies.  “The power of the Most High will overshadow you”.

Israel, powerless, rejected by men, barren, has brought forth fruit.  In Jesus God initiated a new beginning in the midst of a barren and hopeless humanity.   A new Incarnation history, a gift from above.  A new Incarnation starts with Jesus…here is more than a prophet, here is a “Son: because his being as such is the fruit of the Spirit.  (Luke)

The affirmation of Jesus’ birth from the Virgin Mary affirms two truths: God really acts. The earth produces its fruit precisely because he acts.

In Mary the corporeal offspring of the chosen people coincides perfectly with the faith in the promise given to his people.

Mary signifies that in herself Old and New Covenants are really one.

She is entirely a Jewess, child of Israel, of the Old Covenant, and as such a child of the full covenant, entirely a Christian: Mother of the Word.   She is the New Covenant in the Old Covenant; she is the New Covenant as the Old Covenant, as Israel: thus no one can comprehend her mission or her person if the unity of the Old and New Testaments collapses.

Precisely in the total dispossession of self, in giving herself to God, she comes to the true possession of self.  Grace as a dispossession becomes response as appropriation.


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