Reading the Gospels

In 07 Observation on 2011/07/16 at 4:19 AM

Quoting Cardinal Ratzinger

“We cannot get to know the real God by trimming Him to fit our normal standards.”

“It is in the Gospel we must learn the supreme knowledge of Jesus Christ: how to imitate Him and follow in His footsteps. And, to learn from Him, we must try to know His life…mediating on the scenes….reading an re-reading the Scriptures…in order to understand the divine meaning of His life on earth.”

“The Gospels were not intent on giving some kind of biography of Jesus Christ, as a historian might write it, but on giving witness to those things that are essential for us.”

“Christianity is not an idea, a way of thinking, a plan of action. The essence of Christianity is a person: Jesus Christ Himself.”

The Pope also recommends a very simple 4 step plan.  As you read, ask yourself:

1. What does this passage say? 2. How does it refer to Christ? 3. How does it refer to me? 4 .What does Christ expect of me?

One must aim is not to study the Scriptures like a scholar, but to learn to love the Person of Jesus Christ.

Sacred Scripture is the work of the Holy Spirit.  It is how God speaks to all men in all ages.  We must be ready to listen to Him and do His will in our assigned place to the best of our abilities and with dependable grace of God to assist us at all times.


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